Brakes & Rotors

Get More Miles With Sons of Thunder Mobile Automotive Repair

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Have you been experiencing a pulsation or vibration when the brakes are applied in your vehicle? There might be uneven wearing of the front or back brake pads or foreign matter in the brake fluid. Let Sons of Thunder Mobile Automotive Repair in Lawrenceville, Georgia, complete a full auto inspection and fix your vehicle’s issues.

Don’t ignore your vehicle – three warning signs of faulty brakes

One system that is often overlooked until serious issues arise is the braking system, and more specifically, the rotors in the braking system. If your vehicle shows any of the following signs, stop by our auto shop today:

• A high-pitched noise that occurs regularly when the brakes are applied
• A nonresponsive or "sinking" brake that indicates a leak in the system
• A loud, metallic sound indicating pads are worn down and are scratching the rotors

Since many of these warning signs indicate damage to the rotors, immediate attention should be given. Hurry and call us at 770-896-1329 to schedule an auto repair appointment today.