Maintenance & Tune-ups

Tune In to Your Vehicle

Tune-ups and auto maintenance in Lawrenceville, GA

Could your vehicle use new tires? Is it making noises or acting sluggish? Keep your vehicle in optimum working order to maintain proper function and safety. Let Sons of Thunder Automotive Repair, located in Norcross, Georgia, provide auto maintenance for your vehicle today. We offer premium oil changes and cover all aspects of automobile maintenance.

Three signs your vehicle needs maintenance

Take care of the vehicle you’re driving, and start by paying attention to what your vehicle might be trying to tell you. The following warning signs indicate that you need a tune-up:

• Your indicators on your dashboard light up when starting the car
• Your vehicle suddenly begins stalling at intersections or when you try to accelerate
• You’re filling the gas tank more frequently, even though you’re driving the same distance

Driving your car without routine auto maintenance can result in serious accidents and costly expenses. Call Sons of Thunder Mobile Automotive Repair today and let us keep your vehicle running smoothly.